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Sell your Mezzanine Floor to us!

If YOU own a mezzanine floor, are looking to sell or are looking to buy, we are the people to come to.

Mr Mezzanine buys and sells used mezzanine floors nationwide, we will visit and dismantle any floor any size anywhere.

Mr Mezzanine offers a supply and delivery service for those clients and flooring companies that realise the huge savings potential in using previously used floors and storage solutions.

We can also store floors and offer relocation of your existing floor

If it involves mezzanine floors, shelving, racking and storage solutions, Mr Mezzanine is your first port of call.

We offer a complete service including:

  • Dismantle – When dismantled, we band all the parts to pallets for a safe and easier way of transporting.
  • Modify – Most of the floors that we take down have to be modified to suit your needs or space. These modifications can be made on site or at our unit.
  • Re-erect – Whether it is a floor that you have already bought or one that you have bought from us. Expert tradesmen conduct the work to the highest and safest level. Safety comes first.
  • Repairs – Repairs occur on staircases, decking boards, hand rails and legs. All these repairs can be carried out on site in the quickest times ensuring you have your floors back as soon as possible.
  • Staircases – Depending on stock at the time, we may have second hand staircases in. We do, however, manufacture new staircases to suit your order.
  • Refurbishment / Re-spray – This is an extra option that we offer with the floors. We sand down, prime and gloss the main beams and legs. Most colours are available.#
  • Hand Railing – Not all floors that we receive have hand railing. In some cases we have to order new hand railing to suit your floor. New hand railing complies with all regulations and is available in most colours.

To sell your Mezzanine Floor, call us today on 0330 333 9266.

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