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Mezzanine Flooring Relocation

Relocating Made Easy

Mr Mezzanine will dismantle your existing floor and remove it from its current location in a safe and reliable manner so that it can be reused. Alternatively we can offer to extend, shorten or adapt your floor for you and in the case of relocation we will undertake the whole operation including transport and rebuilding of the floor within your new premises.

Our professional dedicated team can fabricate both on and off site and prepare your floor for quick installation; we can also store your floor until your site is ready.

Mr Mezzanine can offer you a nationwide service, any floor any size, anywhere with modern vehicles and specialist equipment, cranes and lifting gear also available to get all eventualities.

Do not leave anything to chance let our professional team safely handle your project requirements.

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If you own a mezzanine floor, are looking to sell or are looking to buy, we are the people to come to. We offer a complete service to meet all of your Mezzanine flooring requirements.

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