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Fabrication is a huge part of our success here at Mr Mezzanine, every company needs to be prepared for change and ready to adapt to the market place, we in turn reacted to this demand and therefore the expansion of our clients growing businesses have naturally been the driving force for our own expansion.

We have a repeat customer base that has asked us to adapt previously installed floors and storage solutions as demand upon their business has dictated. This changes vary in many aspects with no two projects been the same.

Every building is different, with the placement of entrances, pedestrian access and vehicle loading bays, the office area’s and utilities all these must all be taken into account when we plan, design and the fabricate for you project to release space and unlock potential in the most efficient way.

At Mr Mezzanine the project leader will oversee the whole team and ensure the majority of fabrication is completed prior to the installation date, only then will our transport team deliver your floor or storage solution to site.

On previously installed projects where change, fabrication or adaption, extension etc is required our dedicated team will arrive on site and execute the work within the minimum time frame possible offering a safe and complete solution and service to our client.

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